E-mail Marketing Expand your customer base in style.

Whether e-mail marketing is completely new to you or crafting the perfect message is old hat, we're ready to back you up and to help launch your organization onto a global stage. We offer a broad range of services including HTML e-mail design, list management, and e-mail marketing consultations. By signing up for e-mail marketing services through Interstellar Software, you decide exactly how much you want us to do for you, and how much you prefer to keep in-house.
Managed Account When you sign up for an Interstellar Software managed account, we will:
  • Import and manage your contacts
  • Prepare and send e-mails you've already created
  • Design custom HTML e-mails for your organization
  • Help you run a successful ongoing marketing campaign
Non-Managed Account If you'd rather take care of the design and logistics on your own, sign up here for a great e-mail marketing toolkit.
  • FREE for the first 60 days
  • Template e-mails available
  • CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Upgrade to a managed account at any time